Car brand advertising

April 2011

Which car brands have the most engaging TV adverts?

TV advertising is a major budget item for car manufacturers.  How do they know whether their advertising is really appealing to consumers?  AdsInsight can help them find out how their ads perform, compared to those of competitors….

Increasingly, people are Tweeting about things they watch on TV.  Twitter is also a medium where people are more inclined to say how they feel about a brand.  Spectrum has developed a way of measuring the relative “likeability” of each brand’s advertising, based on Twitter content analysis.
The capacity of online and social media to influence consumers is increased when people spread comment virally.  So do people like the car brands’ advertising sufficiently to want to tell their friends about it? Spectrum compared how often the Volvo and Honda ads were re-tweeted:
Finally, to put this in the context of other car brand advertising, we looked at re-tweet volumes for other car manufacturers.  Honda and Ford are clearly ahead in the stickiness stakes right now.

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